Some critical reading for home buyers.

When it comes time in your life to purchase a home, or perhaps build a new home, it is generally a very exciting time. That is of course until you start dealing with realtors, lawyers, home sellers, banks, and anyone else trying to get your business. Even for second-time home buyers this can be a daunting prospect, let alone for first-time home buyers.

To help you navigate the home buying process, and avoid the myriad of possible pitfalls, we’ve put together a collection of critical information resources that are sure to keep the entire process as stress-free as possible.

Explore the Action Centre, “Things To Know” section to understand the mortgage application process, how to write a purchase offer, some common mistakes to avoid, and more.

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The following pages can be found in the Action Centre under “Things To Know,” and are must-read information resources if you are considering buying or building a home.