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Bob Reader Headshot - Calgary Mortgage Broker


Mortgage Broker / Owner

Email: [email protected]

I have been a mortgage broker since 1989, and I’ve learned that nothing is more important than keeping your promises. Whether it’s at work, home, or anyplace else, I believe in living up to your word. I work hard to take care of those around me, but I also live by the motto that if you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong! When I’m not busy with work, I enjoy golf, hockey, my two hounds and I consider myself a certifiable car nut.

Ken Headshot


Mortgage Associate

Email: [email protected]

I’ve been in the financial services industry since 2000, finding solutions for people looking to purchase or refinance a home. Each situation is different and that makes every day interesting, challenging and rewarding. As a former Underwriter, I have extensive knowledge of the technical side of mortgages, and an insider’s edge when it comes to structuring applications for financing. Away from the office, I enjoy playing golf and hockey and spending time with my family coaching my two sons on the field.

Jackie Headshot


Mortgage Associate / Office Manager

Email: [email protected]

I’ve worked in a client services environment in the financial field since 1983, and now work closely with Bob, Ken, Merima, and Colleen to ensure our clients’ mortgage needs are met efficiently and quickly. I enjoy being part of making people’s dreams come true. I also love to travel with my daughter – our favourite place is Disneyland!

Colleen headshot


Mortgage Associate / Marketing Manager

Email: [email protected]

I joined a fantastic team in January 2011 and love my role as part of the well oiled machine, dedicated to helping people feel comfortable and secure. I remember very clearly the anxiety and fear I felt when first applying for a mortgage. My aim is to remove these emotions by educating our clients on the mechanics of the mortgage process. Once you have a better understanding you will begin to see your goals are attainable. Take me for instance, “Paradise”, a little piece of heaven in rural Alberta is where I like to spend my free time with my two dogs, unless I can sneak away for a quick trip to Mexico!

Merima headshot


Mortgage Associate

Email: [email protected]

I have been in the financial industry since 2008, with knowledge in both the banking and brokerage side of mortgage financing. I am very dedicated to ensuring that all aspects of the mortgage transaction are explained thoroughly and clearly. My goal is to provide you with quick and efficient service, and to keep you up to date with the progress of your transaction throughout the process. In my spare time I love to travel, go hiking, and spend time with family. I also enjoy extreme adventures, and have gone scuba diving and sky diving.


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