Hi Ken,

We have just arrived back from our vacation and spent the first night in our new house! We want to thank you for all your help and professional service you provided us with our mortgage. You made the process go by easy. Also, we would like to thank Bob, who picked up the cost of the property appraisal.

Thank you.

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Nicole and Brandon

Hi Bob,

Sorry for the tardy reply to your previous voicemail. Life has been rather crazy the past few weeks with all the moving and renos we have been up to!

Our financing and conditions went through without a hitch, the real property report was fine. Thank you for all your work and diligence helping set us up! We’ll be sure to keep you in mind if friends or family are looking for mortgage advice.
Thanks again.

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Hi Bob,

Thank you for all of your help. My dad leaving the country on business put everything into a bit of a crunch since I couldn’t get a number of documents regarding the gift letter or confirmation of his assets. Going with CIBC was my only option since such a tight deadline had been set.

I was just looking at the property 2 weeks ago so the super fast turn around was quite a whirlwind.
Thank you once again. I will certainly be contacting you at the end of this term.

I hope your faucet is still working well!

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Thank you Jackie and Arlene for all of your hard work. You made my first home purchase happen stress free and with ease. Working with your team was the best part of finding my home! Despite my many downs from other areas of this journey, I smile when I think of how Jackie answered all my questions and gave me peace of mind. Terrific service- I have passed your name to my friends!

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Hello Jackie,

Bob and the team at Canadian Mortgage Professionals have never steered us wrong and would be our first contact if necessary in the future.

Thanks again,

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Ken and the team at Canadian Mortgage Professionals were professional and worked to help us get into our new home on time. We truly appreciated their guidance, support and help. They were knowledgeable and professional throughout the process making the process easier for us.

We truly appreciated working with them!

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Cindy & Mike

We approached Bob and his team earlier this year to see if it was best for us to redo our Mortgage. Our term was not up for renewal, we still had a couple of years left but thought it best to ask the question rather than wondering if we could have gotten a better rate. One quick email was all it took, Bob got back to me right away with the great news of YES, he got everything going and I didn’t have to worry about anything. We now have a lower interest rate and some extra funds to put toward our garage project.

Thank you for working to make everything so smooth for us. Your team gave us great advise, saved us the stress of dealing with the finance ourselves, made it possible for us to have the option to fix/replace our garage and saved us some money along the way and over the years to come.

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My realtor passed along Bob Reader’s business card to me fourteen years ago as I was considering the purchase of another home and was seeking the advice of a mortgage broker.

At that time, I received excellent, professional, financially responsible advice by telephone from Bob who surprisingly, cautioned me not to proceed with the purchase of the house. Even though I had never met him, his integrity, honesty and authenticity of character was very evident; like a trusted friend or family member, he gave advice that was best for my situation, rather than for his own benefit.

Over the years, I never forgot his goodwill or the time and attention he gave me, without even knowing who I was. And so, fourteen years later, I dusted off his old business card that I had saved, and gave him a call when I found myself in need of a mortgage broker again.
Once again I was struck by his genuine desire to be helpful and to provide the most superior, professional services possible. When my partner and I arrived at his office we were treated with the utmost hospitality, positive energy, humor and customer service by Bob as well the rest of his staff.

They each instilled confidence and worked diligently and meticulously to expedite our purchase with the best possible mortgage rates and ensuring that we were fully informed of all of the details and conditions pertaining to our new mortgage agreement. They were also very sensitive to the purchase contract deadlines and had everything wrapped up perfectly before the deadline to remove financial conditions.

Someone was always available to answer our questions accurately and knowledgably, and our calls and emails were returned immediately, because we were valued. We were never left on hold, like one might be with a bank, or wondering what the current status was at any point.

In fact, after informing my own long time financial institute of our recent home purchase, the agent inquired as to what mortgage rate I had received via the broker, and after responding, he replied: “That is just an amazing rate, good for you!”

There are many more reasons why I would choose Canadian Mortgage Professionals again in the future. The bottom line is that he is a very good hearted and generous person, who does what he says that he will do. I would and already have recommended Bob Reader’s company without hesitation.

I have never initiated a letter of recommendation for a mortgage broker before, and I likely won’t again, but this is a no brainer.

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Lori L.

Hi Bob,

Again, so many thanks for helping me out with this. Your support is truly appreciated.
Never having been through any of this before, I really don’t know what to expect, or what the proper process is when it comes to some of these things. The fact that you look out for your clients really sets you apart. Thank you again.

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Just short note to thank you for the impeccable service we recently received from your firm. It truly is the stress free way to obtain a great mortgage with professionals like yourselves crossing the ‘T’s and dotting the ‘I’s for us. This is our second purchase through Canadian Mortgage Professionals and we highly recommend you to anyone looking for an excellent mortgage broker.

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